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Delaying property tax payments - emergency relief

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If I were your commissioner, I would quickly look at the feasibility of delaying the first half property tax payment to relieve financial stress on Park County citizens. However, not only the county, but fire, ambulance, school and special districts are dependent on the disbursement of the collected property tax. I would review the amount of the 2020 property taxes already collected and the cash outflow projections required to keep the county operating and solvent. I would also ask the districts to provide a projection of their needs to remain solvent to make sure no entity becomes insolvent. I would additionally look at the second half or full payment deadline date, based on county and districts needs to determine if payment needs can coincide with an estimated forecast of the reduction of emergency measures. Of the many executive orders issued by the Governor, none specifically allow for governmental entities to deficit spend. Once this review was concluded a plan would be discussed and enacted to help relieve financial stress for Park County citizens and business alike.


Amy Mitchell for Commisioner
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