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Forced Introduction of Wolves into Colorado - Initiative 107

1) The use of tax dollars to do it.

2) Wolves are already in northwestern Colorado so there is no need to spend tax dollars to bring more wolves into Colorado. They will keep introducing them until they can prove the wolves are thriving.

3) Colorado Parks and Wildlife operate a net 0 budget - hunting tags and fishing licenses and federal programs Teddy Roosevelt put in place fully fund wildlife management. Much of the hunting tags revenue will disappear due to much lower levels of big game in Colorado so there will be a funding need. This means there will be no funds to reimburse those with killed livestock.

4) Colorado's rural economy will be impacted by reduced hunting. The losers: outfitters, lodging providers, restaurateurs, grocery store owners, gas station owners, game processors/packers; and the list goes on.

5) Currently wolves are a protected Species so they can kill cattle but ranchers cannot kill them to protect their livelihood. This bill does not addressed these federal laws so a rancher cannot protect his livestock. A big fine and a prison sentence for anyone killing a wolf UNLESS you can prove you were in fear of you life, so you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence.

6) Initiative 107 requires a program be established to "prevent and resolve conflicts between wolves and ranchers livestock" Livestock Reimbursement is dependent on the wildlife cash fund which will be depleted due to reduced hunting licenses.  Because the Wildlife Fund will most likely be depleted, ranchers and other animal agriculture business, will suffer the loss of their animals.

7) Wolves put mountain enthusiasts at risk: campers, hikers, cross country skiers and snow shoeing. An example is below where a woman working with the Forest Service conducting research was forced up a tree by a pack of wolves...and worse yet, when she called for help they could not figure out what entity could help her because wolves are a protected species.

Initiative 107 is a no-win, no-win, no-win scenario.

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