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Taxes - it is your money

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You spend a portion of your time earning money to sustain your life and lifestyle.  When you pay taxes to the government you are giving away a part of your life – the time you spend earning the taxes that go directly to the government.  I believe when the government asks for additional taxes from you, they are asking for an additional part of your life.

Colorado has been fortunate to have passed the Tax Payers Bill of Rights, known as TABOR which requires Colorado Citizens to vote for increased taxes and limits the amount of tax the government can keep, using a formula that adjusts each year based on inflation and population growth. Additional beneficial measures are written into TABOR to protect us from run-away taxes.  But beware, tax and spend proponents at the state level have found workarounds to TABOR calling “taxes” instead a “fee” which was supported by like-minded judiciary.

Over that last several years, Park County voters rejected tax increases, except to continue the sales tax and expand the use of the Land Water Trust Fund.  The voters want county government to live within its means. I agree.

I support limited government which means government should focus on public safety, infrastructure and maintaining an organized structure that allows citizens to live how they choose, as long as they do no harm to others.  By the county focusing on what benefits the citizenry at large and leave the rest to the private sector, government is limited. If a critical project is required, a public/private partnership may work where there is not a strong profit motive for entry by the private sector. The public part of the partnership should not spend taxpayer dollars, or if county seed money must be used, the money should come in the form of a grant from participating funding agencies. Government should not compete with the private sector nor subsidize the private sector.

I will as your commissioner frugally administer the budget always keeping limited government in mind. I will always remember it is your money.

Amy Mitchell for Commisioner
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