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The light at highway 285 and County Road 43A

If the plan is to remove the light, extend the on-ramps and eliminate all left turns into 285, frontage road connections to CR72 will be needed from Rosalie Road to access southbound highway 285 as well as other county road improvements. I hope an off-ramp will still exist at 43A for travelers to reach the businesses and good directional signage is provided to direct travelers back onto the highway.  We do not want this redirection to negatively impact the egress of emergency vehicles at the fire station, so there is much to review.

I do believe a smart light that is timed during the peak travel times, Thursday and Friday afternoons/evenings and Sunday afternoon/evening is a good option. Residents will know they can still travel to the other side of the highway with a longer wait. This will save CDOT money until a proper interchange can be built that will allow safe and sensible access for those living in both sides of the highway.

I have contacted a friend who is a State Representative and sits on the House Transportation Committee for guidance on how to best negotiate and reason with CDOT to first consider the needs of the residents who use this intersection daily before the needs of truckers and those traveling from the front range periodically.

Amy Mitchell for Commisioner
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