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July 1, 2020

Dear Park County citizens. The results are not official, but it looks like I won the commissioner race for district 1. I am honored and grateful to you who voted for me. For those who did not, I will work hard to serve you and all corners of Park County. I welcome your ideas and input and want to hear from you.

Thank you, Katie, Steve and Garrison, for running a civil, respectable race. I welcome your ideas and input. We all play a part in making Park County a place where we and our neighbors want to live.


Amy Mitchell


June 20, 2020 - Mail delivery reported to be slow

Make sure your vote counts!

I have received reports that mail delivery is slow. If  you mailed your ballot and want to make sure your ballot is counted, please follow these steps:

Log on to and find your voter registration. Then choose the top tab that says "ballot information". This will tell you when you ballot was mailed and if received, when you ballot was received. Continue to check your ballot information until it says your ballot has been received. If your ballot is not received by Tuesday June 30th, go to your nearest polling location and vote in person after telling them your ballot had been mailed but not received by the Clerk and Recorder's office. 

Fairplay County Office, Clerk and Recorder 856 Castello Avenue, Fairplay

Bailey Platte Canyon Fire VSPC, 153 Dellwood Drive, Bailey

Both offices are open on June 30th Election day from 7AM - 7PM.

I have been actively promoting freedom principles in Colorado since 2008.  I have met many people who are aligned with the United States and Colorado Constitutions and believe in the rights and protections these founding documents provide.  I am personally acquainted with several people who are running for county commissioner in other rural and frontier counties, and we have a plan to amplify the voice of small counties that are different in population and beliefs from the front range. 

We newly elected commissioners are going to form the Colorado Commissioners Freedom Coalition. This coalition of commissioners will band together to fight for the natural and constitutional rights of the citizens in our counties. I will join former Colorado State Senate President Kevin Grantham who is running for commissioner in Fremont county and other commissioner candidates from Teller, Chaffee and Douglas counties.  We will add more members after the primary election.

Small counties were treated unfairly by our Governor and the Colorado Department of Health during the COVID emergency declarations.  Small, rural counties are not the front range and should have been able to form their own plans for COVID prevention.  It was unfair and wrong to mandate business closures in Park County in the same way the large, densely populated front range counties were treated. Additionally, counties were coerced into complying with the orders or federal monies for COVID prevention would be withheld by the Governor.  

Small counties are treated unfairly by the State of Colorado, and we believe we can make a difference by joining together to amplify our voice to protect your constitutional and natural rights.

Please vote for me so I can help make this happen.

My closing statement from the May 30th Park County Republican Central Committee sponsored commissioner candidate district 1 forum.


Please forgive the ad card shows at the end of the video, they cannot be blocked. If you refresh the page they will disappear. 

Dear Park County Voter,

My love and passion for our Colorado mountains and our independent pioneer lifestyle motivates me to do more to preserve our quality of life and to run for County Commissioner District 1, Park County. My years of business experience, conservative activism and work with the Republican Party have prepared me to serve.


My husband Grady and I married 27 years ago. We live 10 miles west of Lake George. I am a 5th generation native Coloradoan, my family arrived in Colorado in 1862, before Colorado was a state. They lived in Idaho Springs, Kokomo (outside of Leadville) and Georgetown in the late 1800’s and were merchants. I hold my Colorado roots dear and believe it is my duty to preserve Colorado’s and Park County’s mountain independence which affords citizens the freedom to determine how they choose to live. I believe that is why we all live in Park County.


I believe it is important for you to have a commissioner who understands both rural and urban issues within Park County. I will serve all corners of Park County and make good decisions for the entire county.


I am a graduate of The University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree – Business/International Business. I put myself through college over 7 years both working full time and going to school. I understand how to prioritize, stay focused, and get things done.


  • Director International business – establishing and managing multimillion-dollar sales distribution channels worldwide, contract negotiations, export compliance, cost control, bottom-line profitability. 1987 – 2000
  • Vice President - management of a 250,000-square foot dietary supplement contract manufacturing facility. Directed sales, marketing, production scheduling, materials sourcing, quality control, distribution and responsible for the financial viability of the company, millions of dollars in sales annually.I left this job after the company was sold to a pharmaceutical company preferring to work in the dietary supplement industry. 2000-2008
  • Self-employed - dietary supplement industry small business owner. I have scaled-back my business and will close my business as commissioner to dedicate my time to serving you. 2008 – present



    Amy Mitchell Voted Best Outstanding Citizen/Volunteer 2020 – West of Kenosha Pass

  • ABE - the County Appointed Advisory Board for the Environment - Chair/Secretary. As a volunteer, I offer my business experience in reviewing permit applications, land use cases with regard to their impact on the environment; wildlife, air, water, land and minerals plus other state and federal issues which may impact Park County’s environment. I believe in protecting both private property rights and the environment with commonsense decision-making. I have served on ABE since March 2017.
  • Volunteer member of U.S. Census Complete Count, Make Park County Count An accurate population count will maximize the receipt of federal funds which are allocated across the United States over the next 10 years.
  • Member of CCCA (Central Colorado Cattleman’s Association). Living on a Ranch, I have high regard for our ranching community, I understand the challenges of ranching as a business and value ranching’s rich heritage in Park County. Ranching and agriculture are economically important to Park County and play an important part in the County’s strategic master plan to promote business uses that preserve intact agriculture lands.
  • American Legion Riders. I am a founding member (2018) and secretary of the American Legion Riders, Post 172, Fairplay, a program of the American Legion. I am also a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. Our mission is to support and serve veterans in need in Park County and to participate in parades and honor ceremonies.
  • Have been a conservative activist since 2008 Am a founding member (2010) and served as Chair of the El Paso County TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party in Colorado Springs for three years, supporting our Constitution.
  • I am a life-long Republican. I have big city and small county experience. Was a Republican precinct committee person in Colorado Springs from 2010 to 2014 and Executive Committee Bonus Member for El Paso County Republicans (EPC GOP) in Colorado Springs. Served Park County as a Precinct committee person in 2016 and 2018 and elected Park County Republican Party Chair in 2018/2019 – having filled a vacancy. I am passionate about the principles of the Republican platform, less government, more freedom.
  • Founding member (2012) and secretary of Honor Flight of Southern Colorado, serving on the board for over three years. The mission - to honor WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans by taking them on a two-night, three-day expense-paid trip to Washington DC to visit their war memorial and be honored and thanked for their service.


I believe the Colorado and United States Constitutions are the foundation for making governing decisions. These principles absolutely relate at the county level. Government according to our founding fathers, has limited responsibilities which focus on public safety, infrastructure, and provide a regulatory structure that respects the rights of the citizens living in the county. All rights not delegated to the federal government or to the states belong to we the people. I also believe in fiscal responsibility; county government should focus on making government function within its financial means.


  • TABOR, Tax-Payers Bill of Rights – the citizen’s right to decide on a tax increase.
  • No new county taxes. Government must respect you and your money. You exchange a part of your life for the dollars you earn and when the government asks for a tax increase, they are asking for an additional part of your life. I believe you can spend your money more efficiently than the government.
  • Fiscal responsibility - frugal county administration focusing on the limited function of Government.
  • Private property rights and the reduction of heavy-handed regulations. A simple county regulatory structure which promotes liberty, quality of life and respectful behavior toward our neighbors.
  • Our Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, our right to bear arms is absolute with no exceptions.


  • 2020-2021 Budget. Due to the COVID 19 response, the County budget is going to be stressed with loss of revenue at the Federal, State and County level. As commissioner, I will perform a deep dive into the budget, look at cash flow projections, and start planning for survival budgeting. Citizen assistance resources are likely to become scarce with increased demand, so planning must start immediately to find available resources to help those in need.
  • County Roads. Our 1,602 miles of roads are funded by a portion of the State Highway Users Tax Fund (gas tax) and minimally from property taxes. Planning needs to start now for a reduced budget due to current lower gas consumption resulting in less for Park County. Good management through maintenance route efficiencies, good communication, organization and any available grant opportunities are key to the maintenance of Park County roads.
  • Highway 285: Fairplay Highway 9 interchange and CR 43/43A light/interchange near Bailey are both critical CDOT projects that will improve traffic flow and the quality of life in Park County. I will keep these projects in front of CDOT to get them prioritized.
  • COVID 19 Response. The initial response is understandable due to lack of information and the unknown nature of the virus. However, with more known, many counties in Colorado can resume business, in a responsible and respectful manner. Park County is not the front range, and with our low density we can utilize safe practices to protect ourselves, our neighbors, businesses and those at highest risk. I do not want the long-term response to be more damaging, financially and emotionally than the virus itself.Other specific issues are discussed in my website.


  • As commissioner, I work for you, the citizens of Park County.
  • You choose to live in Park County and value our mountain lifestyle
  • When a difficult decision is required, I will side with liberty.
  • I pledge to devote my knowledge, skills, ability and work ethic to serve you as your Commissioner for District 1.I will represent all corners of Park County and understand the unique challenges throughout the County. I will fight for limited government to protect your quality of life, and always remember, I work for you, the citizens of the county.

I am asking for your vote in the June 30, 2020 Republican Primary election.


Amy Mitchell

Successful Petition Filing - February 21, 2020 Am happy to announce I have turned-in my petition to the Park County Clerk and Recorder's office and have been certified onto the Commissioner District 1 Republican primary ballot! Thank you all who signed my petition! I am looking forward to meeting you all, to learn about your issues and concerns, and discuss solutions.

I look forward to serving all corners of Park County!

January 21, 2020 Amy Mitchell campaign announcement

Dear friends and neighbors,

My love and passion for our Colorado mountains and our independent pioneer lifestyle motivates me to do more to preserve our quality of life.  After much reflection and deliberation, I have decided to run for County Commissioner, District 1, Park County. My years of business experience, conservative activism and work with the Republican Party have prepared me and led me to this point.

My husband Grady and I married 27 years ago. We live 10 miles west of Lake George at the base of Badger Mountain. I am a 5th generation Coloradoan, my family arrived in Colorado in 1862, before Colorado was a state. My great grandfather James William Dowd was elected as a State Representative to the Colorado 18th General Assembly. As merchants, they lived near Leadville and Georgetown. I hold my Colorado roots dear and believe it is my duty to preserve Colorado’s and Park County’s mountain independence which affords citizens the freedom to determine how they choose to live. I believe that is why we all live in Park County.

Amy Mitchell for Commisioner
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