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Latest updates from the campaign:

Thursday, February 1, 2024 1:32 PM

Amy Mitchell, to Eliminate Any Undue Influence, Steps-Down as Park County Republicans Chair

At the January 10th, 2024, Park County Republican Central Committee Meeting (PCRCC), Chairperson Amy Mitchell resigned the Chair position to eliminate any perception of undue influence, effective February 1, 2024. Republican Party candidates have two options to gain access to the primary election ballot: 1) go through the Republican Party process of caucus and county assembly, or 2) petition onto the primary ballot by obtaining the requisite number of Park County Republican signatures. Mitchell stated at the January 10 meeting "if a Republican candidate wanted to run against me for commissioner district 1 using the county assembly process, it would be wrong for me to be chairperson of the Party". Even though Mitchell has no Party opposition, she resigned based on principle. There will be a new chairperson elected at the regular February 14th PCRCC meeting, held at the Fairplay Community Center. The meeting starts at 7PM. 

Monday, January 29, 2024 6:04 PM

Colorado Counties Inc. elect Amy Mitchell Vice Chair Public Lands Steering Committee

My fellow county commissioners at the January 26th Colorado Counties, Inc., CCI, Steering Committee meeting, elected me as vice chair of the Public Lands Steering Committee.

Colorado Counties, Inc., a nonprofit membership organization for county commissioners, helps amplify the voice of counties. With 62 of 64 counties as members, during the legislative session commissioners meet for two days every three weeks. Nine topic-focused steering committees lead the discussion about bills that will positively or negatively impact counties. Once a motion is made to take a position, each county votes on the position of  "support", "oppose", "monitor" or "neutral" to solidify the counties' position with 65% in agreement. CCI lobbyists then interact with legislators, other interested parties and testify in House and Senate committee hearings to advocate for the position of the counties.

The Public Lands steering committee deals with State and Federal lands policy issues that impact counties. Only counties that pay into a separate Public Lands Fund are eligible to serve in leadership. It is my goal as the Vice Chair of the Public Lands Steering Committee to engage with the State's Division of Natural Resources and the Federal Government's Department of Agriculture to improve, change or support or oppose policy impacting counties which contain public lands. 

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